Winning category:

STEM Sustainability Award

Brief description of business:

Genesis Biosciences is a global biosciences company with the unique capability to ferment bacteria strains and develop safe and natural microbial and antimicrobial products on a solid foundation of eco-benign® technology.

These environmentally responsible products and solutions are leading the way in cleaning, waste water treatment, feminine hygiene, fish farming and marine applications around the world. The company’s manufacturing and laboratory facilities, strategically based in Europe and the United States, enable our scientists to provide unrivalled technical support globally.

Why they deserved to win their category:

Sustainability is at the heart of Genesis and it is committed to developing products and practices that are safe, non-toxic and have minimal impact on the environment. Its own eco-benign® ethos means everything it produces has a gentle or harmless effect on the environment due to the superior chemical technologies it uses in its formulas.

The eco-benign® concept involves all aspects of Genesis’ operations, from the way it formulates products, to its ingredients and the low impact manufacturing processes used to make them.

By utilising nature’s own toolbox, Genesis is helping to provide a more sustainable, environmentally responsible future for the planet.

While they are leading the way when it comes to developing sustainable cleaning solutions and has invested years of scientific investigation into developing unique, eco-friendly microbial and antimicrobial technology, they are continually looking to replicate this eco-benign philosophy into its business functions as well.

As part of the businesses ISO 14001 Certification objectives, it pledged to offset 100% of its 2021 carbon emissions and last year, partnered with Carbon Footprint to achieve this. For its first project, Genesis chose to fund tree planting in Wales, therefore supporting biodiversity too.

How does the individual, business or organisation further the STEM sector in Wales:

Genesis is revolutionising the cleaning industry in Wales and is leading the way when it comes to developing probiotic technology. It is continually developing new ways to replace harsh chemicals with natural microbial and antimicrobial products designed according to its company-wide eco-benign® philosophy.

To bring this innovative range of probiotic cleaners to market, Genesis has spent over five years and £2.5m researching, developing, trialling and efficacy testing and is continually reinvesting in R&D to ensure Genesis remains at the forefront of the industry; creating game-changing solutions that successfully address global cleaning and waste management challenges.

It continues to employ a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists in microbiology, biochemistry, and chemistry as well as postgraduate support staff who conduct thorough investigative research and development projects.