Everyone loves winning an award.

They not only highlight the achievements of your team, they recognise their dedication, boost morale, and showcase the ingenuity of your business over the past 12 months.

But before you slip on your heels, pick out your suit, and get the champagne flowing, it’s time to tackle the dreaded application writing process.

Notoriously long, complicated, and mysterious, awards writing can confuse even the most seasoned of awards entrant.

And with awards season currently in full swing, businesses across Wales are certain to be digging out their performance statistics, searching through staff profiles, and employing a big dash of creativity in a bid to stand out from the crowd.

So, with the Wales STEM Awards deadline just one week away, we’re here to offer you five top tips on mastering awards writing, to ensure your entry is a guaranteed winner!

Banish the jargon

If you’ve carried out a successful MBO or B2B business transaction – then say it clearly!

It can be all too easy to slip into acronym and jargon-heavy lingo that is used daily, however this could not only confuse the judges, but affect your chances of winning if the entry isn’t readable.

This language might be self-explanatory to you, but assuming everyone understands what you mean could be a costly mistake.

Back up your claims

It’s great to claim that your business has achieved significant turnover, profit growth, or a surge in staff numbers.

But without proof, statistics, and testimonials your entry will simply fall flat and remain unmemorable.

So, when it comes discussing your success, ensure you have concrete proof that you can demonstrate to the judges.

Statistics and testimonials can make an entry stand out from the crowd, by not only strengthening the information, but legitimising the claims made.

Double Check!

A misspelled word and an enormous paragraph lacking punctuation can make your entry stand out   – for all the wrong reasons.

An entry strewn with sloppy spelling and grammar could appear careless and unprofessional, and could make a negative impact on the judges before they even get a chance to consider your entry.

So, before you hit send, get a colleague, friend, or family member, to cast a critical eye over your application before it’s too late.

Work together

Award writing can be daunting when there’s just one person facing a barrage of questions.

So, reaching out to colleagues for help and information could halve the work and strengthen your entry.

They could have the statistics, staff information, and certificates you need, and even suggest things you hadn’t considered!

So, working together can not only streamline the process , but enhance your entry.

Good luck to everyone entering and don’t forget the deadline is February 28th – so enter today!