Rhian Osborne
GS Verde Group
What does your company do?
The GS Verde Group is an integrated, multi-discipline professional advisory business comprising of law firm Greenaway Scott, corporate finance boutique Verde Corporate Finance and patent attorney firm Alchemie IP. The corporate finance services of our award-winning group focus on the completion of corporate transactions across company acquisition, disposal, buyouts and fundraising activities, with a full service including both legal and financial aspects on any transaction.
Why are you supporting the Wales STEM Awards? 
Our work with STEM businesses proves there is a lot to be celebrated here in Wales. The industries are moving at a fast pace and there is a great deal of talent here. If we want to put Wales on the map, we need to promote the STEM businesses, initiatives, careers and education on offer here and these awards are a great way of doing that. We’re delighted to be sponsoring the inaugural Wales STEM Awards. We’re looking forward to celebrating all those championing STEM in Wales.


What or who is exciting you in the STEM Sector in Wales? 
The renewables sector in Wales is focussing on creating new technologies to improve and develop methods for creation of clean energy from natural resources which can be utilised on a large scale replacing non-renewable, carbon based resources. Bombora Wave Power is a great example of companies relocating to Wales to complete research, testing and development of novel products with the potential to change the energy market. Similarly, the medical device sector is very active in Wales with companies like Magstim, based in West Wales, developing technology which has FDA approval to be used for the non-pharmaceutical treatment of depression. With companies like these based in this country Wales should be in a strong position to attract more talent in these fields, strengthening our economy.
What do you think could be done to help the STEM sector in Wales? 
Universities and the Welsh Government should place more focus on collaboration between academia and businesses and the creation and financial support of spin out / Joint Venture companies to develop and commercialise new products in line with key government aims such as improvement of health and the protection of the environment. Businesses in Wales should be offered incentives to be involved with and support these projects in conjunction with academia. Wales needs to be more open to collaboration with international companies and universities. Support for businesses accessing professional services is limited in Wales – funding to enable companies to take necessary legal, intellectual property, accounting and tax advice should be made more readily available with the businesses being able to choose their preferred supplier from any appropriate provider.
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