Benno Wasserstein, Managing Director
Box UK
What does your company do?
Box UK specialises in enterprise software development, and works closely with international organisations across a broad range of industries to design, build and deliver large-scale digital platforms used by millions. 

Established in Cardiff in 1998, our track record of success spans hundreds of high-priority and mission-critical software projects, delivered over more than twenty years. 

Throughout this time, we have always strived to create a climate where we drive innovation and deliver recognisable value for clients, helping to put Wales on the map as a key player on the global digital stage
Why are you supporting the Wales STEM Awards? 
We know that innovation and diversification are crucial to both the technology industry and wider economy, and are committed to using our expertise and influence to encourage long-term success in this space. 
We’re extremely proud to support the Wales STEM Awards in celebrating the wide range of achievements in the sector, to help nurture emerging talent and safeguard a vibrant and productive industry that’s able to realise new ideas, concepts and processes that benefit society and the economy. 
What or who is exciting you in the STEM Sector in Wales? 
It’s been fantastic to see STEM increasingly recognised by Welsh Government as a strategic priority in recent years. The work being done to raise awareness of opportunities in the sector and support people in taking advantage of these will contribute significantly to Wales’ reputation as a centre of innovation and excellence, enabling the region to compete at the highest levels internationally. 
What do you think could be done to help the STEM sector in Wales? 
Initiatives such as the Wales STEM Awards represent a hugely positive step in promoting and supporting STEM in the region; bringing together government, business and education to focus on this vibrant and growing sector. 

These kinds of close relationships are vital to ensuring that Wales continues to develop the talent needed for STEM success, to create a new generation of interest and availability for the local region and beyond. 

At Box UK we’ve engaged several educational institutions in an open and collaborative dialogue about upskilling their students; providing industry insight to ensure that course modules align with skills desired in the workplace. 

We plan to grow our involvement with these institutions further throughout 2020, and hope that this trend will also be reflected more widely across the region. 
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