Shining the spotlight
on Wales’ STEM stars


Welcome to Wales STEM Awards

Wales has a huge amount to celebrate when it comes to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The Wales STEM Awards throw the spotlight on Wales’ STEM stars – those leading the sector in Wales, those businesses creating an impact on the Welsh economy, those addressing the STEM diversity gap and skills shortage, those inspiring and raising aspirations of the next generation.

The Wales STEM Awards 2022 will recognise those entrepreneurial and innovative ventures that are making a difference to the STEM sector.

What people are saying

“The Welsh Government is committed to ensuring that careers in STEM are an accessible and attractive opportunity for everyone. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are not just subjects to study at school and college, they provide solutions to the societal challenges we are facing, including tackling climate change and infectious diseases. I welcome the inaugural Wales STEM Awards and its celebration of the importance of STEM and Wales’ STEM stars, who are inspiring and raising aspirations of the next generation.”

Jeremy Miles

Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Welsh Government

“STEM subjects are vital to innovation and productivity in Wales. STEM helps us to accelerate economic development and tackle some of the biggest challenges facing us today, including sustainability and renewal energy. Our STEM skills gap needs to be addressed for Wales to reach its full potential and these awards are one way of shining a light on excellence in STEM in Wales. Addressing the shortage of STEM skills in Wales is key to a healthier and vibrant future.”

Dr Louise Bright

Head Judge, Founder of the Wales Women in STEM network

“While COVID19 has brought many challenges, one positive to take from this global pandemic is how it has highlighted the importance of STEM in our lives.
In the last year, science has allowed researchers to study the virus, technology has allowed us to work from home effectively, engineering has enabled us to build ventilators and convert buildings into hospitals, and mathematical modelling has helped the government and health professionals look at the spread and potential impact of the virus.”

Lyndsey Jenkins

Co-founder, Wales STEM Awards

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